Global leader in high-end precast concrete processing machinery

The TOPWERK GROUP consists of 4 product areas, with well known and well established brands


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TOPWERK GROUP is the umbrella company of the world's leading group of companies in the field of machines and plants for the industrial production of concrete products. In a first step, the renowned companies SR SCHINDLER and PRINZING PFEIFFER came together under the new holding roof. Shortly afterwards, HESS GROUP, HESS AAC SYSTEMS and MASA, the leading companies in the concrete block industry, completed the portfolio.


only complete range supplier

Under the umbrella of TOPWERK, the group is the sole provider in the world able to produce and implement cross-divisional offers up to fully integrated complete systems for the manufacturing, handling and upgrading of industrially manufactured concrete products.

Your powerful partner

The TOPWERK GROUP is an internationally active mechanical engineering company in the concrete production industry. The headquarter of the TOPWERK GROUP is located in Burbach-Wahlbach, Germany.


For the concrete and building materials industry

With more than 1200 employees and registered offices all over the world, the TOPWERK GROUP produces machines and plants for the production of a wide variety of concrete products. Each TOPWERK company specialises in a specific product group.

about the individual companies

Mixers, conveyors,
Concrete block machines and packaging lines

The HESS GROUP builds concrete block machines as well as the corresponding mixers, conveyor lines and packing lines. These machines are used, for example, to produce paving blocks, kerbstones or hollow blocks. Continuous new technological developments such as oil bath vibrators, filling car smoothing rollers or high-performance hydraulics have made the Siegerland-based company the leading supplier in the industry.

Concrete products
in the field
of infrastructure

The traditional company PRINZING PFEIFFER has specialized in the infrastructure sector. Its machines can be used to produce a wide range of concrete products in the fields of sewerage, drainage, energy supply, telecommunications, sewage technology, rainwater utilisation, structural engineering and road construction. A particular focus is on the manufacture of concrete pipes and concrete shafts. In the course of its integration into the TOPWERK GROUP, the company emerged from the well known companies PRINZING and SCHLOSSER-PFEIFFER.

Finishing plants
and hermetic slab presses

This area is optimally complemented by SR SCHINDLER, which manufactures finishing plants and hermetic plate presses. This enables the Bavarian machine builder to offer a wide range of product modifications in the concrete block segment, such as aging, stocking, grinding, coating, curling, colouring or blasting. SR SCHINDLER is also constantly looking for new possibilities in surface finishing in order to open up new lucrative markets for its customers. SR SCHINDLER offers not only the production but also the complete handling technology, including conveyor hooks, drying racks and packaging systems.

for the production of aircrete

The Dutch company builds plants for the production of autoclaved aerated concrete. The range of services covers the entire work process: from processing the raw materials to fermentation and cutting to packaging the modern building material. HESS AAC SYSTEMS is headquartered in the Netherlands in the town of Enschede.