The cake is cut with high-precision cutting machines.


The cake is cut by high-precision cutting machines. Cutting is done by cutting knives and by pneumatically tensioned cutting wires

  • The pre-cutter and vertical cutter cut the block length and panel width. In this station the profling (tongue and groove) can be cut into the cake with profling knives
  • The horizontal cutter cuts the block and panel thickness; for special demands in surface fnish and thickness accuracy beyond the traditional building standards, HESS AAC SYSTEMS provides proven alternative cutting systems with oscillating wires while maintaining the advantages of the tilt cake cutting system
  • The cross cutter cuts the block height and the panel length. Optionally hand-grips can be milled in the blocks in the green stage

The use of aerated concrete
is steadily increasing.

Innovative building systems with aerated concrete are the future!