The benchmark PRIMUSS innovation integrates the highest level of automation and control technology.

Production of monolithic manhole bases with varying channels

The benchmark PRIMUSS innovation integrates the highest level of automation and control technology in the design and  manufacture of monolithic manhole bases with bespoke mixed inlet and outlet entries and benching. In using proven robotic programming the varying location, diameter and angular  dimensions of different pipe inlets permit precise milling by PRIMUSS immediately after product demoulding.


  • The efficient PRIMUSS effectively reduces mould and labour expense associated with mould assembly and
    demoulding thus eliminating costs and waste connected with polystyrene formers and plastic liners.
  • PRIMUSS lowers tooling and energy costs through the milling of fresh concrete.
  • All monolithic manhole bases produced by PRIMUSS are milled from high compacted fine grain concrete.
  • Dimensionally precise bases are formed due to partial curing in the mould.
  • The base units are manufactured using concrete with high
    strength and low W/C ratio.
  • All PRIMUSS channels (benching) are designed for optimum flow.
  • The operating software produces a quick setup for complex inlet/outlet design improving manufacturing flexibility from information given by the site engineer.
  • PRIMUSS manhole bases set the benchmark standard for best practices in terms of quality, efficiency and  roduction output.

Capacity data

Product dimensions max. Ø 600-1.500 mm
Lengths max. 250-1.500 mm
Product weight max. 5.000 kg

The perfect solution for the
production of dry-cast concrete