Tilting back and green separation


The HESS AAC SYSTEMS plants have combined the advantages of the tilt-cake and flat-cake system. After the cutting is completed, the cake is tilted back by 90° onto a cooking frame. In the HESS AAC SYSTEMS system no part of the mould or platform used for cutting goes into the autoclaves. After the cake has been tilted back into the horizontal orientation, the bottom/bed waste will be removed before autoclaving. Autoclaving the cake horizontally on the cooking frames allows efcient autoclave loading and, most importantly, will prevent most of the sticking of the layers, which is a typical disadvantage of the traditional tilt-cake systems.

One of the HESS AAC SYSTEMS innovations is the green separator. Here the horizontal cuts (now laying vertical) are carefully separated before autoclaving, leaving a small gap between the layers. This innovation eliminates any sticking, which is typical for other tilt-cake systems. Further this green separation substantially improves the autoclaving process as steam can penetrate into the cake more effectively. Although the principle of separation has often been copied, the HESS AAC SYSTEMS technology for this production method has been proven as the most reliable with the lowest risk of product damage.

HESS AAC SYSTEMS plants produce no process related waste!

The use of aerated concrete is steadily increasing: Innovative building systems with aerated concrete are the future!