TOPWERK GROUP and SR Schindler launch a rubber matrices production in the Middle East

January 11, 2023

TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST, a member of TOPWERK GROUP, announces the start of the rubber matrices production in its regional office in Dubai as of 1st May 2022. The new line of the business adds up to the existing service package for concrete industry projects in the Middle East.

TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST was established in 2005 to serve customers in the Middle East with spare parts, technical consulting, and services. Over the years, the TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST has established an extensive customer base & network in the region. It has been designated as a reliable partner for supply, assembly, and after-sales support for the concrete industry in the Middle East and Gulf region.

The aftersales and spare parts business has always been significant for the team of TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST. Since 2005, the warehouse of a total area of 560 sq. m. covers the demand for spare parts for all machinery of TOPWERK GROUP. Engineers of TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST maintain constant contact with its customers, regularly visit the concrete plants in the region - even when there are no requests - and provide technical support and advice.

“We strive for excellent service support, constantly researching the market, understanding the customer needs, and willing to support the customer in all aspects of their business,” states Mohammed Tayseer Qasem, the managing director of TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST.

Mohammed Tayseer Qasem, the Managing Director of TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST.

The next step toward improving the service for customer benefits is launching the production of vulcanization molds (matrices) based on customer requirements and suggestions. SR Schindler is now the only technology partner in the value-adding industry that can offer a genuinely local presence with 1) technical specialists, 2) a local spare parts warehouse, and 3) a local production of matrices. Come and see!

After a careful analysis of the customer demands & latest trends, such as increasing individualization in after sales, Mohammed Tayseer and his team decided to take all measures to ensure customer satisfaction and sustainable development of the aftersales business. “We have noticed a significant gap in the market for decent quality rubber matrices; many machines with outdated technology require a long time to replace the matrices, which costs money and reduces efficiency,” states Bassem Dabbas, the technical director of TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST.

The required production technology was chosen in cooperation with the surface treatment engineering manufacturer SR Schindler. Since SR Schindler is the world’s largest supplier of rubber matrices for hermetic presses, the experts provided their colleagues in the Middle East with professional training and testing of the equipment to match the highest quality. There are no constraints on the design or surface required for the finished product; over 1.500 different finishes and sizes are available for sophisticated patio, garden, landscape design, ecological road, and path construction. The highly qualified staff offers the full range of support: from consulting regarding machinery and technology to the training of customers’ employees and supply of high-quality spare parts, locally available from the warehouse in Dubai. The team of TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST is there to meet the demands for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs. Recently, TOPWERK MIDDLE EAST has received large orders from clients to manufacture face matrices.