Flexible production system

The ATLAS is a modular system that combines the individual segments of concrete feeding, vibration compaction, pressing and transporting components into a work-able bespoke system providing flexibility and versatility for your production needs. Each technique delivers advanced technology developed and proven in all our fully automatic systems.

  • Monolithic Manhole Tanks and Base Units
  • Drainage Pipes and Rings
  • Box Culverts and Rectangular Tanks
  • Three Chamber Rings and Base Units
  • Other Products for Sewerage, Drainage, Road applications

The ATLAS is very well suited for the production of

  • Products for sewerage
  • Products for sewage water treatment and rainwater utilization
  • Products for drainage
  • Products for power supply ducts and telecommunication
  • Other concrete products

Together the individual constructed modular components make it possible to quickly prepare for repeat production or mould change to meet the demands of a wide range of products.
Production with the ATLAS can be configured for either manual or semiautomatic operation. This wide scope of diversity and manufacturing ability make the relatively low investment cost
for the ATLAS production platform an attractive decision for many producers.

Capacity data

Product dimensions max. Ø 150 – 3.600 mm
Length max.. 250 – 3.500 mm
Product weight max. 50 – 25.000 kg
Cycle times 3 – 25 min

The perfect solution for the production of
dry-cast concrete