Advancing construction of the HESS AAC autoclaved aerated concrete plant at Brimax: Rajesh Jha visits the construction site in Vadodara, India

July 25, 2023

Recently, Rajesh Jha, Head of TOPWERK INDIA/Sales & Market Development, visited the construction site of Brimax near Vadodara, where our latest AAC plant is being built. Last year, we proudly announced that BRIMAX AAC PRODUCTS LLP selected HESS AAC SYSTEMS as the supplier for this AAC plant. Today we see the realization of this special project. 

With an initial capacity of 680 cbm/day and the possibility to expand up to 900 cbm/day, the Vadodara AAC plant will produce blocks of the highest quality with tight dimensional tolerances.  

Working in partnership with our local team at Topwerk India, we are committed to providing the Vadodara AAC plant with the latest technology and a customized design.  

Together, we aim to drive sustainability and innovative building materials and shape the future of construction with autoclaved aerated concrete. To stay up to date on the progress of this project, we invite you to follow our LinkedIn page.

We look forward to the continued development of the autoclaved aerated concrete plant and the positive impact it will have in Vadodara.