BF 80-2 H

Mobile egg-layer execution including polystyrene insert device, height adjustment for concrete silo, table plate and fillerbox rails.

Concrete block machine

Mobile egg-layer execution for the production of

  • hollow blocks
  • solid blocks
  • insulated blocks
  • hourdi blocks
  • curb stones
  • chimney blocks
  • palisades

Mobile egg-layer execution that offers flexibility. 

The HYDROMAT BF 80-2 H includes:

  • Mechanical safety devices and visual warning devices, collision protection, mechanical load and filling carriage safety device (for maintenance work/ mould change)
  • Steering: steering wheel drive connected to drive axle via gearbox, hydraulic lifting device for steering wheel
  • Filling carriage with central drive via 1 hydraulic cylinder with wiper on both sides for optimum, clean mould filling
  • Mould and tamper head guided on 4 columns
  • Demoulding via central hydraulic cylinder and guidance on 2 columns
  • Two tamper head vibrators and two high efficient mould vibrators 
  • Easy mould change due to automatic centring device
  • Level control for filling car/ filling car rails, filling car table/ concrete silo by winches. All devices are adjusted simultanesously with 2 manual winches when the mould height is changed 
  • Spring-loaded, adjustable seat for operator 
  • Adjustable sunshade directly above the operator 
  • Abrasion-resistant and dynamically loadable polyurethane wheels to protect the production surface
  • Dirt deflector brushes in front of wheels
  • Large rear-view mirror for lane control
  • Pressure gauge for checking the hydraulic pressure
  • Usage of moulds from the existing BF 80 machines possible
  • The electric control with the standard backage is executed as a conventional control with only contactors

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