Designer and guarantee for success:
Our matrices

Give your products an individual and distinctive appearance with our matrices. Diverse designs, technical flexibility, and true-to-dimension reproducibility make our matrices the key to your perfectly molded concrete slabs.

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Short-term availabilities …thanks to a production tailored to your needs
Maximum product quality …through precise and reproducible vulcanization process
Reduced production scrap …through our process engineering treatment of your matrices
Notable cost Savings …due to more durable and customized matrices
Guaranteed production process reliability …thanks to the flexible reproducibility of your matrices
Available at any time …thanks to the flexible reproducibility of your matrices

You need something new? We design your hermetic plates!

We manufacture your vulcanization molds based on your requirements and suggestions. Special customer requests can be implemented. Rest assured, we grant you customer protection on these molds. We can also create a natural look in the field of chamfer fabrication.

Our portfolio also includes suitable matrices for blind slabs.

We also offer laser scanning of natural stones or existing structures and 3D processing.