Certified Concrete Plant Operator

Intensive practical training course during running operation.


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Increase your productivity and invest in the skills of your employees.

Optimize your plant in the long term by participating in our training programmes.

The processes in a concrete manufacturing plant will be explained to the participants from basics up and explained through practical instructions and guided factory tours. This part of the training programme focuses entirely on practical training. In-depth insights into the daily work and responsibilities of the plant operator are provided and experienced at first hand.

Qualify your employees to become well-trained and certified plant operators!



Your benefits

Increase of productivity

Avoiding downtimes

Reducing setup times

Terms of training

Dates:                                                  Whole year round - to be coordinated

                                                              (March to January)

Number of participants:                  Max. 3 people

Duration:                                             Several consecutive steps

                                                              3 weeks (18 days) for people who are new in

                                                              the industry, or for career changers     

                                                              2 weeks (12 days) for paricipants with proved previous



Training days:                                     Monday to Saturday

Training site:                                       Kortmann Beton GmbH & Co. KG*

                                                               Holmers Kamp 6

                                                               48465 Schüttdorf

Qualification acquired:                      Certified Concrete Plant Operator

Precondition for participation:        Good understanding of technology, analytic way

                                                               of thinking                                                                                                                                  

Optional:                                              Basic Control engineering skills

                                                               Basic process engineering skills

* After 70 years of experience in the construction trade and almost 50 years of special focus on concrete, Kortmann is well-established in the industry. Their experience covers the manufacture of high-quality design pavers, patio slabs as well as prefabricated foundations.

We want to share not only our passion for concrete but also our expert knowledge with the HESS SmartAcademy participants.