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Production statistics (Industrie 4.0)

production statistics-hess-produkte

The HESS GROUP production statistics allows monitoring of all relevant production data such as orders, shifts, staff, units, downtimes, etc. All data is collected in a Microsoft SQL database. The data is sorted by location, plant and plant
equipment. Therefore, several production facilities can be assessed in the same evaluation. The data can be retrieved easily and conveniently via a web browser. Data can be viewed all across the world by using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Features of the HESS GROUP production statistics:

  • Production data can be viewed via mobile devices anywhere and anytime, standard equipment with each system, upgrading possible
  • Production data is collected, assessed and compared
  • Individual plant equipment can be collected separately: mixer, concrete block machine,
    finger cart system, chamber

In the course of the increasing digitalization of the production (Industry 4.0), the HESS GROUP production statistics can be used to enhance relevant manufacturing processes:

  • Digital chamber and warehouse management
    • Link to ERP systems (SAP, Navision)
    • Integration into customer-specific order management
    • Feedback on the produced quantities to customer systems
  • Integration of Qaver measurement data for quality control
  • Product tracking (even using QR code)


  • Process feedback saves time and money
  • Increasing and ensuring quality

Concrete block refinement creates room for creativity

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