Chamfering by means of diamond milling stations and / or for the parallel calibration of the lateral parts of concrete elements.


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Customer benefits

  • Consistently constant chamfer even with different product thicknesses due to pressure rollers
  • Ideal laying and edge protection of products by partial laying-off of spacers
  • Cost and space saving dry treatment due to the elimination of both grinding water (no water treatment required) and special waste
  • Cost saving dry treatment due to the re-use of dust as filler in the concrete mixture

Application and Features

  • The machine serves to build chamfers at pavers and slabs
  • The chamfering is done by means of diamond milling stations
  • The machine is built is a heavy-duty modular design
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Stepless adjustable operation speed
  • Variable chamfer width by means of lateral supports
  • Maximum working width: 1,200 mm
  • Maximum working height: 400 mm
  • Smallest format to be processed: 200 mm x 200 mm
  • The machine can be operated in dry or wet mode
  • Available as a linear version with a lifting turntable or with an angular material transfer


Technical specifications *

Belt speed 2.3 m/min up to 23 m/min
* depending on product characteristics and required final result

Concrete block refinement 
creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.