Surface protection of paving stones (layer-by-layer) and slabs (row-by-row) by means of impregnation or coating.

Shotblasting - Curling - Coating


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Customer benefits

  • Cost and time saving due to layer-wise processing of pavers via self-cleaning special conveyor
  • Flexibility due to modularity; Can be used with all common impregna- tion and coating chemicals

Of pavers (layer-wise impregnation or coating) respectively slabs (row-wise impregnation or coating), for optimal protection. Variants available from pure laying protection to long lasting coating. The diverse coating processes upgrade the products optically, protect them from environmental impacts and make cleaning easier.

In standard execution provided with infrared preheating station, spraying device for primer, infrared heating station, spraying device for sealing agent and infrared heating station. Optionally, additional IR and/or UV stations can be integrated. Suitable for all current impregnation and sealing agents and for 1- and 2-component coating. Application by spraying, rolling with or without UV-curing. Infrared, paternoster or storage rack drying depending on chemical and spatial requirements.

Motorized adjustment of the height of all heating and spraying stations, spraying nozzles operate with low pressure system, thus low atomized spray. Quantity to be sprayed adjustable, spraying nozzles horizontally adjustable for ideal application of sealing agents. Automatic cleaning of nozzles upon long standstill avoids jamming. Spray heads are cleaned with water by means of diaphragm valve, outer and inner nozzles separately switchable. Every spraying station has its own electric control and touch panel. Adjustable max. spraying time, power-on and power-off delay. After sealing, theproducts can be packed immediately.

Fully automatic lines integrated in the value adding process. Spraying stations can also be used for impregnation of pavers and slabs on the wet side.

Technical specifications *

Belt speed 1 – 10 m / Min.
Average processing speed approx. 4 - 5 lin. m / Min.
* depending on product characteristics and required final result

Concrete block refinement 
creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.