Direct washing machine

For washing hermetic slabs in the press cycle as a bypass turntable or space-saving inline version.

Direct washing machine

  • For washing of green slabs in press cycle as bypass turntable version or as a small-footprint inline version which can be activated optionally
  • World-first 4-fold 40 cm/40 cm and 50 cm/50 cm in press cycle, 2-fold 60 cm/40 cm, etc.
  • With high-performance water jets and rinsing device for brilliant colors without cement film
  • Slab thickness 40 mm–100 mm
  • Smooth clamping of products

Consisting of:

  • Solid frame in sturdy tubular steel construction

  • Lifting unit
  • Support arm
  • Washing frame
  • Washing nozzle holder with corresponding piping and pump

Turning, swivelling and lifting drives with servo motor for exact positioning.

Concrete block refinement 
creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.