Backmix filling station

Complete filling to the upper edge, as well as targeted over-filling in sections of the mold using back mix feeding.

Station 4:
Backmix filling station


  • Easy operation
  • High dosing accuracy
  • Reproducibility of overfilling
  • Less facemix compaction and displacement
  • Lower manufacturing tolerances, improved coplanarity of the products
  • Quick recipe-related adaption to a wide range of moulds
  • Simplified machine cleaning

Filling the mould with the earth-moist backmix. Backmix feeder for complete filling of the mould up to the upper edge, and targeted overfilling in certain parts of the mould. Electronic overfilling ensures a precise and even slab thickness. Displacement of the facemix is avoided.
Equipped with:

  • Mobile group consisting of material silo, conveyor belt and filling pocket
  • Mobile group with adjustable forward and reverse speed
  • Material silo with level sensor for communication with the mixing plant
  • Frequency-controlled belt conveyor drive unit, for take-out of the material from the material silo and for loading the filling pocket

During forward movement, the mould is filled with backmix; during the backward movement, it is overfilled by means
of electronic overfilling and the surplus material is removed by scrapers. The X-Y-axis regulation allows for adjustment of a speed-independent and freely programmable overfilling curve. The complete unit can be moved for easy cleaning.

Concrete block refinement 
creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.