Station 1: Facemix filling station

Volumetric face mix dosing and filling of the mold. 2 dosing systems available.

Volumetric face mix dosing and filling of the mold. 2 dosing systems available.

Tube doser

Equipped with:

  • Mixer in material container. Container partially lined with Hardox wear plates
  • 8 dosing tubes equipped with 2 pneumatic clamping devices
  • Quick-release closures for changing the dosing tubes
  • Filling level sensor for automatic demand for refilling of facemix

Good emptying and accurate filling of the doser via intermadiate silo. Conveying the facemix by means of mixer blades into the outlet. Simultaneously, prevention of build-up and segregation of the material. Via outlet spouts, the material is filled into the dosing tubes with clamping jaws. Adjustment of the facemix volume by manually adjusting the distance between the clamps. Good emptying and accurate
mould filling by means of tube vibration. After dosing and completion of turntable positioning, the lower clamping jaw is opened to fill the mould.

Disc doser

Equipped with:

  • Planetary mixer and material container with hydraulically operated and pneumatically supported ejector, synchronized with the press. With double rotary mixing arms for optimum dosing disc filling
  • 3 dosing discs (upper and lower dosing discs rigid and middle dosing disc movable)
  • Middle and lower discs equipped with Hardox wearing plates
  • Two pneumatic cylinders move the middle and lower discs apart and together and ensure safe locking at all times. Easy cleaning and easy conversion of the facemix quantity through quick replacement of the dosing bushes

The desired facemix quantity is filled in the dosing bush via congruently aligned openings in the upper and middle dosing

The turntable is turned and the mould is placed under the doser. The middle disc is turned so that the openings of the middle and lower discs are congruently aligned. The mould is filled. The middle disc is turned back for a new filling process. New and innovative turning and lifting devices for swinging the doser away from the press for cleaning when changing colors and/or recipes.

Optional: Doser - quick exchange system

New development for quick exchange of doser during production.

  • Required cleaning of the doser separately from the press e.g. at color and/or recipe change
  • Transport and safe exchange by means of a forklift through integrated receiving pockets
  • Easier exchange by means of mechanical quick-release devices for the frame as well as quick-release systems for pneumatics, hydraulics and electrics
  • Cleaning of the doser away from the press at an easily accessible working height

Comparison of doser types

8-fold tube doser

Mixer motor: 1.5 kW
Air consumption: 350 l/min. at 8 bar
Material container capacity: 240 l

16-hole disc doser (10- and 12-hole dosers also available):

Mixer motor: 7.5 kW
Air consumption: 600 l/min. at 8 bar
Material container capacity: 400 l

  Tube doser Disc doser
Dosing accuracy / reproducibility + ++
Cleaning ++ +
Adjustment at format exchange (filling volume) ++ ++
Flexibility with different mould frames + ++
Use of coloring machine ++ ++
Use of marbling machine + ++
Wear + +
Cycle times ++ ++

+ = well suitable
++ = highly suitable

Concrete block refinement 
creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.