By splitting concrete stones, rustic sur - faces are generated which gives the products the look of a natural stone.


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Customer benefits

  • Durable machine due to stable and high-quality construction
  • Low reject rate due to very high splitting accuracy (clean break edges, exact positioning)

Of block stones, wall stones, hollow block stones, palisades and block steps.

Equipped with high-capacity hydraulics with pressure accumulator for fast cycles, controlled splitting patterns and a maximum splitting pressure of 120 t. Equipped with upper, lower and lateral knives. Upper cutter bar moveable for compensation of height differences and for hydraulic height adjustment of upper cutter bar.

Splitting line available with one or two splitting machines with 90° rotating table for longitudinal and traverse split. Precise product positioning under the splitting knife by means of electromotor with encoder for accurate splitting and less waste. Feeding technology with automatic waste flap. Rearrangement, respectively formatting of split products that layers can be packed. Optionally executed for Y-split or special split. Can be combined with edge treatment machine for random chipping of edgesand with bushhammering/aging machine.

Technical specifications *

Splitting cycle
with product transport included approx. 8 Sek.
* depending on product characteristics and required final result and also on product size and splittings to be carried out


Product thickness: 50 – 400 mm
Working width: 800 mm/1,200 mm

Model 800 1200
Splitting width 800 mm 1200 mm
Passage width 900 mm 1.350 mm
Splitting height 400 mm 400 mm
Passage height 410 mm 410 mm
Splitting pressure 80 t 120 t
Weight 2,8 t 4,0 t
Connected load approx. 12 kW approx 13 kW

Concrete block refinement 
creates room for creativity

The demand for diverse shapes and sophisticated surface designs, such as natural-looking stone surfaces, is constantly increasing.